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The Institute for Justice Research and Development (IJRD) prioritizes the rapid dissemination of research findings to advocates, professionals, and policymakers.
You have the power to spark positive change in the criminal justice system. Every $1 helps advance science, policy, and practice to improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities impacted by criminal justice system involvement.

More than 13 million people pass thru prisons and jails every single year in this country.

EVERY 3 SECONDS SOMEONE IS INCARCERATED. Our work begins Day 1 of criminal justice contact.

Your $1 donation supports real-world research for criminal justice!


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A Research Institute

We conduct rigorous research in real world settings in collaboration with government, business, academic, and nonprofit partners. Visit the IJRD website to access all of our cutting-edge research and tools for professionals in the field.

An Innovative Approach

Our problem solving approach brings various disciplines together to respond to increasingly connected and complex challenges facing our communities. We use this approach because it is clear that the problems in criminal justice cannot be solved solely from within – this has been tried for decades with little progress.

Maximum Potential for Change

The Institute works to achieve three goals: 1 – Develop individual, family and community well-going, 2 – Promote racial and economic equality, 3 – Change conventional criminal justice outcomes. Learn more about our on-going projects designed to maximum change at the link below. 

Who We Are

The Institute for Justice Research and Development (IJRD) was created in 2018 to harness the power of scientific discovery and catalyze positive changes in the lives of individuals who make contact with the criminal justice system – from when they make initial contact with law enforcement or a prosecuting attorney to their initial years after release from prison.

The ultimate goal for all of our work at IJRD is to help justice-involved individuals find meaningful work, develop and enhance healthy thinking patterns, effective coping skills, and positive relationships, and develop their full human potential as active participants in our communities.


 IJRD conducts rigorous, real-world research throughout the country to help enact criminal justice reforms based on data-driven findings.  


The work we do at IJRD improves the lives of individuals, families, and communities impacted by criminal justice system involvement. 

Rapid dissemination

 IJRD prioritizes the rapid dissemination of research to advocates, professionals, and policymakers. 


IJRD trains the next generation to work at the intersection of social work and criminal justice. 


IJRD infuses technology into our work to expand the scope and reach of our innovations.

Incarceration touches all our lives and affects every single person in our nation.

When individuals are incarcerated, they leave behind children and families who love them. They disappear from our schools, neighborhoods, and communities. More than 95% of those we incarcerate will eventually come home and research suggests that 77% will be re-arrested within five years.

As an emerging national leader in criminal justice research, the Institute of Justice Research and Development at Florida State University proposes data-based research solutions to promote justness in criminal justice innovations.

Current Projects

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Ground-breaking, innovative work in prosecutor’s offices, jails, prisons, and communities in states across the nation –your support will allow us to amplify and expand the reach and scope of our work. We rapidly disseminate our research findings to advocates, professionals, and policymakers to enact data-driven changes to policy and practice in real-time.

• We have active research projects in 12 states – Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas.

• We have published 54 academic papers, 6 white papers, and 4 research reports to inform evidence-based criminal justice reforms across the nation.

• We have released nearly a dozen policy briefs and practice guides to foster data-driven changes to policy and practice.

• We have 5 intervention guides for practitioners to bring effective interventions into prosecutor’s and public defender’s offices, prisons and jail settings, and communities across the nation.

• We created a Post-Master’s Fellowship – the nation’s only Fellowship program designed to train professionals at the intersection of social work and criminal justice and we now have 17 Fellows living and working in five states.

• Our team members have been featured 94 times in the media including newspaper and magazine articles, podcasts and radio interviews, and have delivered speeches at press conferences in states across the nation.

• We have hundreds of partners working at all phases of the criminal justice system to decrease the use of incarceration and enact data-driven reform solutions.

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Every dollar raised for Day 1 supports innovative solutions for disrupting mass incarceration.


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