Help Create More Success Stories for Criminal Justice-Involved Individuals On Day 1



nearly 13 million people across the nation cycle through jails and prisons every year.


Just $1 can make a difference on Day 1 of an individuals’ contact with the criminal justice system. Your contribution of even $1 will go towards:

    • Working with law enforcement and prosecutors to deflect and divert individuals from the criminal justice system whenever possible.
    • Developing policy changes and programs that promote racial and economic equity starting at Day 1.
    • Creating public awareness campaigns to reduce stigma and structural bias.
    • Supporting individuals, their children, and families impacted by justice involvement – including those releasing from incarceration – through programming and researching best practices.
    • Getting COVID-19 resources to justice-involved individuals and researching with correctional stakeholders how to stop the spread of disease.


    • Ending the opioid crisis for those involved in the criminal justice system by getting state-of-the art practices into the hands of lawmakers and policymakers for implementation.
    • Offering second chance hiring and training employers on how to promote and retain second chance hires.
    • Educating the next generation of criminal justice reformers who work toward achieving racial and economic equity and promoting the well-being of individuals, families, and communities most impacted by justice-involvement.
    • Training law enforcement and correctional stakeholders in responses to individuals they come into contact with that will ensure health and safety and equity of that individual.


Who We Are

The Institute for Justice Research and Development (IJRD) was created in 2018 to harness the power of scientific discovery and catalyze positive changes in the lives of individuals who make contact with the criminal justice system – from when they make initial contact with law enforcement or a prosecuting attorney to their initial years after release from prison.


 IJRD conducts rigorous, real-world research throughout the country to help enact criminal justice reforms based on data-driven findings.  


The work we do at IJRD improves the lives of individuals, families, and communities that are impacted by criminal justice system involvement. 

Rapid dissemination

 IJRD prioritizes the rapid dissemination of research to advocates, professionals, and policymakers. 

Incarceration touches all our lives and affects every single person in our nation.

When individuals are incarcerated, they leave behind children and families who love them. They disappear from our schools, neighborhoods, and communities. More than 95% of those we incarcerate will eventually come home and research suggests that 77% will be re-arrested within five years. Your support today helps ensure that individuals who make contact with the criminal justice system begin their success story on Day 1.

As a national leader in criminal justice research, the Institute of Justice Research and Development at Florida State University proposes data-driven solutions to achieve racial and economic equity, develop individual, family, and community well-being, and change conventional criminal justice outcomes.





We Need Your Support

Your contribution of $1 can make a big difference. 
Please consider giving $5 or more to create more success stories!

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