Law enforcement officers are exposed to violence and suffering every day while on duty. They often are the first to respond to the most painful and terrifying events in citizens’ lives. However, officers often don’t recognize or have the opportunity to handle their own needs related to witnessing these stressful events.

You will learn concrete techniques to notice your own stress warning signs and manage your stress that go beyond the traditional instruction of “make time to exercise and get plenty of sleep”.

We will discuss how to talk to fellow officers who may be struggling with traumatic stress symptoms and ways to support them.

At the end of the training, trainees will have:

• A framework to understand how witnessing suffering and violence can influence an officer both at home and on the job

• Calming techniques to use when experiencing stressful work situations and their aftereffects

• Tips to discuss post-traumatic stress with fellow officers who may be suffering in silence

• Strategies to distinguish when to seek professional help and how to find help that is right for you


This resiliency training is designed to address the needs of police and law enforcement officers. The course is comprised of 8 modules, users need to complete each part in sequence before moving on to the next module.

A navigation bar is located on each screen. Click the grey arrow that appears in the center of the first screen to begin. PLEASE NOTE: This is a beta-test version of a training course that will be available through Florida State University. No registration is needed, all tests may not process for review as e-learning results have been disabled in this version. Thank you for your feedback.

PART 1: What events are considered traumatic? Probably more than you think!

Identify your most important reasons for developing resiliency. Understand how stress at work causes responses that can impact your body, mind, emotions, and relationships. Learn common signs of post-traumatic stress that you may not realize are due to the unique work environment of law enforcement.